Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

I have completed a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship, and find working with children very rewarding. 

Parents seeking treatment for their children for psychiatric problems, behavioral problems, or life stresses have particular concerns related to how the family will be engaged in treatment, how the child's privacy will be respected without marginalizing parents, and how mental health treatment may impact children. 

I provide individual psychotherapy for children and adolescents, including supportive psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and use of analytic concepts.  In addition to individual work, treating children usually involves significant family involvement in treatment.  Parent guidance, parent education, and family therapy are integral to the treatment of children.  Information from parents, teachers and other involved adults is essential for accurately diagnosing and treating children. 

Sometimes children have symptoms which indicate that they are likely to benefit significantly from medication.  All medications have risks which need to be carefully considered along with the potential benefits before deciding to treat with medication, particularly in a developing child. I am committed to careful consideration before recommending medication. 

I prefer to be the primary therapist for the children I provide medication to, so that I know my patients very well and can be as effective as possible in managing their medications.  However, in some cases I am willing to work with a separate therapist.